February, 2015

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A free following tool for Twitter

Follower Filter free unfollow tool

Recently, I’ve been looking for a good, free Twitter following tool to replace Tweepi. I love Tweepi and use it regularly for a couple of my own accounts. The problem with Tweepi for myself as a social media manager is you can’t just log in with Twitter – you have to register an account which includes an email address. When you manage over ten Twitter accounts for yourself and clients yet only have two or three active email accounts yourself it becomes a bit of a faff. You see Tweepi only lets you use an email address for one Twitter account and now I’ve run out.

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Getting your business set up on social media

Getting your business on social media


It can be overwhelming trying to get on all social media networks at once for business, and I’ve learned from painful experience that there is a merit in setting them up in a certain order. You see, you can use log-in information from one social network to sign-up for another, meaning you don’t have dozens of different passwords to remember.

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