August, 2016

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Better English #2 – Knowing you’re shit.

What's the difference between your and you're

Patronising grammar lesson #2 from me to you.

If you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, then please learn. It is possibly the most common grammatical error I see on social media updates and comments.

It really gets my goat. Especially when the perpetrator insists that they are right when someone else picks up on it. Honestly, it makes them look a bit dim, and do I want to deal with dim people? Not really. So learn it.

Your – is something that is belonging to you. As in “Is this your coat?” or “That’s your problem”.

You’re – is a contraction of “you are”. As in “you’re an idiot”. If you could say “you are” in its place, then you can contract to you’re.

You’re welcome!

See also  – They’re, there, their


How to write a brief for a social media manager

How to write a brief for a social media manager

I see it every day. A company wants to establish or develop a social media presence but they can’t justify employing someone, even on a part-time basis. Fair enough. So what do these SMEs do to plug the gap? They turn to freelancers like myself. They might find a good one through word of mouth, or they may turn to a freelancers hub such as People Per Hour.

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