Packages and services

Please feel free to contact me about any of these services…..

  • social media management
  • training and consultancy
  • content writing

Social Media Management 

You may have heard of social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter but never used them, or be a user but are not sure how to use them to benefit your business. It may be that social media is not for you at all, but more and more businesses are getting results from being on the right social media. If you need someone to advise you on which social media networks to try, or would like simply to hire someone to do it all for you, then get in touch. I use all the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Twitter only packages start at £150 per calendar month

A package consisting of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram starts from around £400 per month.

BUT please do get in touch as your price will depend on lots of different things. I provide FREE telephone consultation to help you decide your best course of action.

Training and Consultancy

Whether you want a quick half-hour on the phone, or need me to come to you and train your whole department, I can help you find your feet with social media. I am based in East Yorkshire but can cover the whole of the UK.

I can create a social media strategy for your company, so that you have some creative ideas, and technical ‘how to’s’ to guide you and your staff through the daunting forest of social media networks.

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Content and Article Writing

Content is King! Apparently. I’m not sure that it’s as much as all that but content is certainly a good way of promoting your business, whether to establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority in your industry, or to improve your website’s SEO. Good content needs to be not only smattered with relevant keywords but also engaging and worthy of sharing. There’s quick, cheap content writing, and there’s good value content writing. I provide writing services including commercial blog articles, and website landing pages. I can also provide an editing and proof-reading service if you’d just like someone to look over what you’ve produced for that bit of extra confidence.

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