Social Media, Maslow, and Harsh Realities

Hitting the nail on the head on social media

I’ve read two pieces of content recently (ish) which have really hit the nail on the head for me in terms of managing social media for businesses. When you sit here day in and day out for a wide variety of clients, you start to see patterns. You see how things work. Your expectations are realistic. Your failures don’t seem so much of a failure once you can measure it against those of other clients. Your successes seem that little bit sweeter because you can appreciate just how precious those successes actually are.

The first is Hootsuite’s adaptation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Here they have adapted the famous sociological/psychological model to the world of social media. They show that being a social media influencer can only be achieved once all the basics are in place. For those expecting social media influence to just actually happen without an established base and a lot of hard work developing your social media networks, then this article puts your relative social media failure into perspective.

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 Maslows Hierarchy of Social Media - from Hootsuite

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The second piece had me almost jumping in the air and shouting ‘yes, yes, yes’ at every paragraph.

The 5 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing (and how to deal with them) provides fantastic lessons for all current and budding social media managers.

From lessons in how social media success can be elusive for many, to how it could actually be a much bigger job than you think, this article really does hit the target and says everything about social media I’ve ever wanted to say to that client with unrealistic expectations. There’s also some great tips about how to deal with the common problems that you will inevitably face.

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