September, 2016

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Social Media, Maslow, and Harsh Realities

Hitting the nail on the head on social media

I’ve read two pieces of content recently (ish) which have really hit the nail on the head for me in terms of managing social media for businesses. When you sit here day in and day out for a wide variety of clients, you start to see patterns. You see how things work. Your expectations are realistic. Your failures don’t seem so much of a failure once you can measure it against those of other clients. Your successes seem that little bit sweeter because you can appreciate just how precious those successes actually are.

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Why social media works: an example from my office

I’ll like to give you an example of why and how social media works. As you will know, I’m not one for big data reports on the “success” of social media. Unless you have huge follower numbers and masses of interactions, big data reports can only tell you so much. Instead, I am a big fan of grassroots examples. Like this one

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