All about Beverley, East Yorkshire

Beverley Minster

Good content should answer people’s questions and should show the writer to be knowledgeable about the specialist topic. What better for me to write about than the place I know best? Beverley in East Yorkshire is where I live and work. I am originally from Hull and I have a long relationship with the city’s nearest neighbour. I moved to the outskirts of Beverley in 2002, and then into Beverley itself in 2017. Have you got any questions about Beverley?

First of all, if you’re looking for Social Media Marketing in Beverley, get in touch with my social media management company Social Bods!

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Social Media, Maslow, and Harsh Realities

Hitting the nail on the head on social media

I’ve read two pieces of content recently (ish) which have really hit the nail on the head for me in terms of managing social media for businesses. When you sit here day in and day out for a wide variety of clients, you start to see patterns. You see how things work. Your expectations are realistic. Your failures don’t seem so much of a failure once you can measure it against those of other clients. Your successes seem that little bit sweeter because you can appreciate just how precious those successes actually are.

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Why social media works: an example from my office

I’ll like to give you an example of why and how social media works. As you will know, I’m not one for big data reports on the “success” of social media. Unless you have huge follower numbers and masses of interactions, big data reports can only tell you so much. Instead, I am a big fan of grassroots examples. Like this one

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How to write a brief for a social media manager

How to write a brief for a social media manager

I see it every day. A company wants to establish or develop a social media presence but they can’t justify employing someone, even on a part-time basis. Fair enough. So what do these SMEs do to plug the gap? They turn to freelancers like myself. They might find a good one through word of mouth, or they may turn to a freelancers hub such as People Per Hour.

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So you want to be a social media manager?

how to be a social media manager

If you’re looking to be a social media manager, whether freelance or employed, then there are things you can do which can help you on your chosen career path. Although there are some official accredited courses you can do which will prove your credentials, the industry is still developing and the choice of courses is still fairly slim.

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Course: Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business

I am proud to announce my very first seminar – Twitter for Business

This will be held at the East Riding Business Centre on Annie Reed Road in Beverley on the 13th April from 9.30am to 11.30am.

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Book: A Practical Guide to Twins, Triplets and More, by Karen Bleakley

Don't Panic: A Practical Guide to Twins, Triplets and More

I’ve known Karen Bleakley a long time now. Or it certainly feels like a long time – I know she won’t mind me saying it! You see, us twin mums have a certain sense of humour. You kinda have to. From double stretch marks, double prams, and double the number (or more) of frankly tiring comments from random strangers, your life as a parent of twins is very different to that of singletons – as we call one baby at a time in the wonderful world of multiples.

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Wanted: Social media superstar in training

*** UPDATE ***

This position is now filled. However, please feel free to send me your CV as world domination plans are coming along nicely and I’m keeping everyone on file, just in case! Thanks to everyone who’s sent me their CVs already. 

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Who should look after your company’s social media?

Social media for business

So, you’ve made the decision that your company should get on the social media bandwagon. You’ve even decided which networks you think would be best for reaching your target market. You may even have an idea of the sort of content you’d like to share. That’s fantastic. Welcome aboard!

Quick question – who in your company is going to be responsible for looking after your company’s social media presence?

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What is Instagram?

What is Instagram

At a recent presentation about using social media for business, I ran down a list of the most popular social media networks in the UK. Unsurprisingly, the success story of the last couple of years Instagram, came in third behind Facebook and YouTube.

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