My Projects

As well as my paying clients (and my family, and everything else!) I also have some projects on the go. These serve as some fun for me, but are also great development tools, and how I’ve learned a lot of what I put into practice for clients on a daily basis.

This is a textbook trading website aimed at UK students. I came up with the concept and Graeme McIver built the site with the finishing touches you can see. We got the site on BBC Click! and on It’s an ongoing project to which I have a real attachment.

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Kids Days Out Reviews

This is a UK family travel site showcasing days out and attractions. I first built this site in Blogger (which I’ve used for several years), but have now moved it to self-hosted using WordPress. It has a YouTube Channel, and is on Google+. In September 2014 it won the MAD Best Family Travel Blog Award.


Kids Days Out Reviews