August, 2014

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Review – OfficeWrx app for iPad

I have been asked to look at a new app for iPad called OfficeWrx by Entwrx.

OfficeWrx app for iPad

It is a way of reading, creating, and editing documents created in Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. While all the functions are not available in the applications, it is a good way of creating documents on the move and saving them for later editing and formatting on a PC. It’s also a good way of ‘taking’ your Microsoft documents with you.

It functions with Dropbox and Google Docs, so you can save things for ease of access. You can also email the docs to yourself, print to a wireless printer, and make a copy. You can also open the docs as a pdf in Adobe Reader.

Overall, this is not a substitute for the full Microsoft Office package but is a useful way of creating MS Office files on the move. Recommended for anyone, like me, who is a big user of both an iPad, and MS Office.