Wanted: Social media superstar in training

*** UPDATE ***

This position is now filled. However, please feel free to send me your CV as world domination plans are coming along nicely and I’m keeping everyone on file, just in case! Thanks to everyone who’s sent me their CVs already. 

Wanted ASAP!

Social Media Assistant

8 – 16 hours per week

Beverley, East Yorkshire


I run a small social media consultancy. At the moment it’s just me – you can read more about me on this site – but I’m getting busier. I’ve moved into my own office in Beverley, and I’m looking at taking on more clients, and also offering training sessions. I need someone to help me by looking after existing clients, and doing the essential but sometimes time-consuming tasks for each one.

Who I’m looking for:

I need someone who is a bit clued up on the major social networks – Facebook and Twitter mostly. If you’re not on these yourself, you probably won’t even know where to start. It’s not important that you know all the ins and outs for business use, but at least if you’re active personally, that will be a massive advantage. If you can also find your way around Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn, then even better.

I need someone with a fairly high standard of literacy. While I don’t expect you to be Kingsley Amis, I don’t want to be spending too much of my time correcting obvious errors. If you don’t know your yours from your you’res, then you need to be willing to learn, and quick.

I need someone willing to do a bit of everything and also sometimes a lot of quite boring stuff. Social media management isn’t all glitz and glamour, and it can get pretty repetitive. The reality of managing social media for often quite un-sexy businesses is very different from when you’re using your choice of social media platform for yourself. I need someone who understands that this can get a bit dull from time-to-time.

I need someone who is a little bit creative. Not especially as there’s only so much you can say in 140 characters sometimes, but someone who can keep any eye on upcoming opportunities – Mother’s Day for example – and can find a way of making our clients interesting and relevant to current events.

Daily workload:

Writing Twitter and Facebook content for a range of clients

Scheduling content using Hootsuite or similar

Creating original graphics where appropriate

Checking accounts for engagement and taking the appropriate action

Looking after the accounts and increasing following

Month end reports

Some blog post writing where skills allow

Technical skills required:

Knowledge of the ins and outs of Twitter and Facebook essential

Knowledge of social media packages such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or Buffer advantageous

Basic skills in graphic design (Canva, Picmonkey etc)

Comfortable using MS Office packages – for example MS Word and Excel or similar.

Hours of work:

I need someone for at least eight hours per week but can stretch up to 16 if this helps you. You can work these on regular days of your choice between 9am and 3pm weekdays. You can do them in two days of five for example, or three days of four, or whatever works for you. If you need to swap any days at short notice because of commitments elsewhere, then I can work with that. There will be no evening or weekend working.


Personally, I don’t work during the school holidays so we need to complete all work during term-time. I don’t expect you to be working the school holidays either, apart from maybe providing account management cover while I’m away. I would pay you for five of the weeks you don’t work as your paid holiday leave. This would be worked out as an average of the previous twelve weeks. The remaining time would be unpaid. This means you work for 39 weeks, and have holiday for 13 weeks (5 of which are paid, and 8 of which are unpaid).


Pay will be an hourly rate and vary depending on how many hours you are able to work for me each week, so if you need to drop a couple of hours for any reason during a specific week, then that’s fine for me. Pay is negotiable. I am looking to pay over minimum wage but no more than £9 per hour. Pay will depend upon skills and experience, but I am willing to consider the whole spectrum in the first instance. Pay will be at month end via bank transfer on a PAYE scheme.


The office is a unit in a serviced centre on Annie Reed Road in Beverley. There is car parking but not unlimited. There are all the usual facilities including toilets and a shared kitchen. The office is roomy and light but isn’t overly glamourous. It will be just you and me for most of the time. All essential equipment (IT etc) is provided.


I’m not too chatty and like to just get on with things. I value competency and reliability and these are both important when you’re dealing with client accounts. I try to be fair and am very easy to get on with. I would like to develop someone over a long time and am willing to provide the training you need to be able to thrive in this role.


You must be competent and reliable (see above) and also have enough of the technical skills to be able to complete the tasks, although I can provide training on some stuff if you can demonstrate competency in the majority. Other than that, I am open to who you are – you can be an 18 year old whizz kid, or a semi-retired businessman, or a parent looking for something to fit in with school hours, or a student, or anything really. If you think you can do the job and the hours and pay suit you, then I’d love to hear from you.

If you have knowledge of any of the following, then please do say when applying:

Business management and accountancy

Health and fitness

Spa and Beauty

Recruitment and HR

Behavioural Economics (niche, I know!)

Cars and car audio

Garden centres, plants, and gifts,

Legal services

How to apply:

Simple. Please email me. You can find my email address on this site (test no.1!). You can send a CV if you have one. If you have any active social media accounts you want to show me, then please send me the links so I can look for myself. Please remember that I am very busy at the moment and don’t want to be sent on a wild goose chase – the more to the point you can be while providing me with enough essential information the better.

I am looking for someone to come into my office as I feel this will deliver better value for my clients and help me build up my business. I am not considering applications for remote working at this stage.

Closing date:

There isn’t one to be honest. I don’t know how many people I will have email me or how long it will take me to unearth my ideal candidate. The vacancy is closed when I say it’s closed. I will try and reply to everyone even if it’s just to say I’ve received your email and will look at it.

Thank you if you’ve made it this far. If you have the skills, please do consider applying to work for me and be a part of building up a great social media consultancy for Beverley and East Yorkshire.

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