Better English – #1: are we nearly their yet?

In social media, while there’s a fair chunk of people who either a) don’t care about your poor use of the English language, or b) don’t even notice, there’s also a fair chunk who do notice and do care.

Poor spelling and grammar will alienate people who do care and see improper use as unprofessional. Yes, you may still get the custom from those who don’t know or don’t care, but why not take a little more time to get those who do notice on board too?

So, here’s a quick lesson in proper use of the words they’re, there, and their. It really is easy, I promise.

There – as in “over there” – as in “I like to play football in that field over there.” There is what you use when describing something that has a location. Also “There is someone over there who cares about spelling. Let’s not show them we’re ignorant.”

Their – when something belongs to them. As in “That is their football”, or “I wish they would use their dictionary”

They’re – This is a shortening of “they are” – you use this when you would say they are – as in “they’re not very good at this spelling thing, are they?”

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