How to add an intro video to your You Tube channel

You may have seen some YouTube channels with a featured video at the top and wondered how they did that. The YouTube featured video is brilliant. You can upload an introductory video to tell viewers what you are all about, or just use it as a way to get your favourite (or most monetary-worthy) video a lot more exposure.

It took me a while to work out how to do it. Eventually I gave up and found this article from Slideshare which was most helpful.

In brief.

1) Log in to your YouTube channel on a PC.

2) On your channel, bring up the pencil icon under your header image.

3) Choose ‘Edit Channel Navigation’

4) On the Browse option, make sure you click to enable, and then click save

5) You will then get a slot for your featured video up top, and you can either choose from your uploaded videos, or upload a new one.

Take a look at my YouTube channel for Kids Days Out Reviews Blog and see what I mean.

The video was made using photos in Windows Live Movie Maker and converting to a .WMV format. If you’re not sure if you need to do this, try uploading the video and following the instructions. ¬†

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