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How to get traffic from Pinterest without being on Pinterest

Pinterest tutorial

Pinterest is one of those social media sites you don’t need to be on to get traffic to your blog or website. Like on Facebook, anyone can visit your site, like what they see, and share it to their social networks. You don’t need to be on Facebook yourself for other people to share content from your site, although it does help.

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How to……Pinterest

Pinterest logo

You may have heard of Pinterest and wonder what it’s all about. I did at one point too! I started using Pinterest around 18 months ago. I’ve been a big user of Twitter for about four years and, to be honest, with the kind of content I was creating, Pinterest just didn’t interest me. Then I got into travel blogging. Pinterest started to make sense, and now it’s my second biggest source of blog traffic behind Google search. It beats Facebook by a mile.

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